BDH - Push Me & Push Me Please

Camera / Editor - 90 Sec Content x 24

Freelance for BDH, to make 24, 90 second short films under the titles; PUSH ME and PUSH ME PLEASE for the BBC The Space Website. These short films were made to promote artists who were pushing themselves to reach previously unattained goals, culminating in a 30 min documentary ‘Total Permission’ which was showcased on the BBC The Space website and at the Southbank Centre.

Featuring work by; Claire Cunningham, Sue Austin, Rachel Gadsden, Jez Colborne, Ramesh Meyyappan, Bobby Baker, Mish Weaver and Stumble Dance Circus, Caroline Bowditch, Graeae, Simon McKeown and Janice Parker.

Production Co: Burrell Durrant & Hifle
Client: Watershed / (BBC)
Director: John Durrant (BDH)
Camera: John Durrant,Vince John
Editor: John Durrant, Vince John

My Role

  • Camera & Editing
  • Canon C300 / 7D & 600D


BDH Bristol - Push Me & Push Me Please

90 Sec Content x 24

Featured: Push Me Compilation

Production Co: BDH