MYLA London - The Sphere

30 Sec Viral Ad - Producer / Director

Commissioned by Pod1, shot on 35mm film on location in Notting Hill London. 35mm Viral Advertising

"Myla wanted a picture-perfect campaign in order to capture that dreamy mystery that surrounds the elegance of the brand... so we pulled together a very skilled team both on the shoot and in post-production to make sure we achieved it. In fact, the end result far exceeded our expectations, we’re very proud of the final cut."
Fadi Shuman - Director - Pod 1

As part of the production I was thankful to be able to commission an old friend and brilliant singer/ songwriter Bev Lee Harling to come up with a 30 sec composition for the Ad, it was a perfect match for the brand and visuals.

Ad Agency: Pod1 London
Production Co:1LOVE® MEDIA
Director: Vince John
DOP: Tony Miller
Producer: Beth John
Grade: Aiden Farrell - The Farm
Music: Bev Lee Harling
Storyboard: Tom Hine

My Role

  • Producer / Director
  • Editor


MYLA ‘Sphere’

30 Sec Viral Advertising

Featured: Pre-shoot Storyboard MYLA Sphere

Storyboard artist Tom Hine

Production Co:1LOVE® MEDIA
Producer / Director: Vince John